Dreams Do Come True..  

Sat around a table with their little girls, discussing the reality of juggling careers, family life and business whilst trying to keep up their own self care routine Melanie & Marie knew that they weren't the only women with 'busy lives'.

They recognised that Self-care comes in many forms, with many women forgetting that a simple walk in nature or an extravagant spa weekend are equally good for the soul.   When you are happy the world benefits!

You can't pour from an empty cup which is where the vision for The Lifestyle Box Co formed.

Whilst their backgrounds are polls apart (A fashion Buyer & A Detective!)  their love of fashion, interiors (Shopping in general) was what initially cemented the friendship.  It then became clear that both women shared the same values too.   


Living your best life, whilst facing the challenges life throws at you head on.    Being kind, genuine and mindful of other people is also important to both women.

The Lifestyle Box makes it simple for women who are like Marie & Melanie, to experience unique products, discover new brands and enjoy receiving a box direct to their door every month that you don't have to think about or plan.   The Lifestyle Box Co takes care of it all.     


Their subscribers often feed back the delight of getting their box and how it lifts their mood, makes them smile or encourages them to take 5 minutes to themselves.

From new themes every month which include new colour palettes, a mix of different products it keeps the experience fresh fun and multi dimensional.

What makes the products featured different to other boxes out their is they are sourced from Independent brands run by women.  Shining a light on creative, talented women.   Their vision is for women to support women in business via The Lifestyle Box Brand.

Melanie & Marie loved the concept of subscription services, where both women utilized them in their daily lives to basically make life easier!   Netflix, Hello Fresh and beauty subscription boxes were some of their first experiences but what they found is beauty boxes alone didn't fulfill their love of all types of unique brands and products.

They knew that a Lifestyle Box that incorporated Natural Candles, Accessories, Yummy Confectionery, Quirky Stationery, Personal Care Products, Home Trinkets, Beauty & Skincare would bring a new dimension to subscription boxes and serve women who love a wide range of products just like they do.

The Lifestyle Brand continues to grow with new product ranges being introduced.   

What makes The Lifestyle Box Co special is the attention to detail, bespoke packaging and service with a smile! 

Welcome To The Lifestyle Box co Brand!

Melanie & Marie

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With A sprinkling of Hard Work, Positive Energy and A Clear Vision



Mummy, Partner, Friend, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Complete Home-bird, Chocolate Addict & Woo Woo Enthusiast
That's me in a nutshell!
I'm not afraid to admit I'm driven by beautiful things & creating amazing memories for my family...and to do that I'll dig deep and work my socks off!

My home is my castle - well barn actually...and second to my daughter, my proudest achievement! Filling it with beautiful scents and trinkets gives me so much pleasure!

I'm a designer handbags & shoes kinda girl! I love a high street dress! But then you won't find me happier than being hidden at home with 'my comfies' on, candles lit, takeaway ordered and a glass of wine with my besties!

My motto in life 'Dream BIG & never EVER settle ladies!'
Looking forward to getting to know you ladies & I hope you adore our monthly subscription box for women just like you, as much as we do!



I'm a Mummy 5 beautiful children, 2 of them are our angel twin boys who are in our hearts every day.. I'd describe myself as a career mummy with a career in fashion buying spanning 20 years. 


I needed to make lifestyle changes and whilst I've always been passionate about product and my head of buying role at Boohoo I was craving time at home to be a mummy first.


3 years ago I left my high flying career for an entrepreneurial life.. running 3 businesses around 3 children I do question whether I am insane!  I get the pleasure of coaching/mentoring women to launch their own brands.  Everything I know, teach learn is how we have built our own dream product business in The Lifestyle box Co... (let me tell you Marie was a buyer in a past life!)

My home is definitely where my heart is - it's a crazy fun filled loud home!... My proudest achievement is my family like most mummy's as well as my successful career! 

I'm a shoes kinda girl and absolutely love beautiful things! I love to find quirky items with a story.  I've been in manufacturing with mass produced products for as long as I can remember so I love uncovering something new I haven't seen before.  I'm a sucker for packaging too, it's amazing how it can make an average product something special.

My motto like Marie's in life is 'Dream BIG & never EVER EVER settle!
Never let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dreams especially if that's your own little voice in your head... anything is possible


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