Bring A New Dimension To Your Business

The Lifestyle Box Co has been designed to empower women to incorporate self-care into their daily routine by delivering a beautiful, luxurious box of products to their door every month.  

A little about you..

You have built a successful business based on an ethical, honest approach. The feedback and testimonials you have gathered are what makes what you do worthwhile.  When your clients get the results it drives you to continue to share your zone of genius. You believe every woman has the ability to transform their lives if they are prepared to put the work in.

Now Imagine this...

Bringing a whole new dimension to your business by introducing a physical product that mirrors your brand values, aligns with the services you offer as well as empowering your clients to strengthen their self-care routine.

The Lifestyle Box Co is that physical product that can strengthen your brand and serve your clients in a whole new way.


You are extremely busy with a 110% focus on your clients.   Which is where The Lifestyle Box Co. can step in and support you.  We make it easy for you by taking care of sourcing, creating and delivering an amazing box every month, direct to your clients door.  

Why This is The Right Step Forward For You & Your Clients?

You are a successful coach/mentor/consultant, you are passionate about transforming lives. You over deliver because your clients results are at the top of your priority list. You are open, honest and ethical.   The law of attraction alongside mindset work has been an important part of your success.   You recognise the need for valuing yourself even before the business results show.  You teach your clients the importance of self development.



Why Introducing A Physical Product To Your Package For Your Clients Is A Win Win


You love the idea of a physical product that is aligned with your brand values and can see the positive experience it would bring for your clients.   You may have even thought about developing your own products at some point in your journey. 


The challenge has always been time.  Time you don't have alongside knowing where to start on sourcing products.  By collaborating with The Lifestyle Box you are able to serve your clients in a whole new way without the pressure of finding the time or learning how to create a physical product.

You are also supporting women in business.

Your clients not only get the amazing support, service, knowledge and life changing service you offer, they also get an experience that is delivered to their door. 

Our own customers feedback talks about the experience and positive feeling of receiving the box, they love having something physical in their hands that they can open. 

Why The Lifestyle Box Is Different..

The box incorporates a beautiful multi dimensional mix of products.  We bring beauty, personal care, stationery, homeware, keepsake trinkets and confectionery, spiritual elements together.

Marie and Melanie have a strong spiritual connection.  Healing crystals, numerology, journaling, affirmations, meditation are all part of their personal routines. 

Marie has a life path number of 8 ‘The Manifester’ and I am a 7 ‘The spiritual Leader’.   We bring a different approach to The Lifestyle Box Co whilst having the same values and vision!


Each box has a little sprinkling of  woowoo in the mix!

February featured a beautiful Crystal Agate Coaster, there has been a vintage silver Feather bookmark, A handmade bath bomb with a crystal Agate hiding inside, the Positivitea collection to balance the chakras was a hit too! 

Every month see's a new theme launched which sees a change of colours across their social media.  The Box contents are kept a secret which makes the day of delivery so much fun, with anticipation building.

The Women Behind The Lifestyle Box Co.

About Us

What Do A Fashion buyer & Ex Detective Have In Common?!

We are passionate about the brand we are building because we no without a doubt the difference it can make to women from all backgrounds lives.

Find out more about Melanie & Marie here..

How It Works

6 Month Or 12 Month Subscription for your Client

  • The Lifestyle Box will deliver directly to your clients door

  • A new monthly theme, including 4 products every month

  • The Lifestyle Box will be Responsible for customer queries, postal queries & all customer service queries


RRP £20 plus £3.50 P&P

You Choose…

  1. 6 Month Investment per person - £126 per person including P&P.  Saving you £15 (10% Saving )

  2. 12 Month Investment per person – £250 per person including P&P. Saving you £32  (15% saving)



Invest in 5 client packages at the same time to get your very own monthly subscription at 50% off  - £10.00 plus £3.50 P&P

Invest in 10 client packages at the same time to receive your box for free.  Saving £23.50 per month

(Your free boxes will last as long as your client’s subscription period)

Useful Information

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