The L U N A Candle Boutique

The scent of a candle must fill the room with it's beauty, burning brightly in your home.

The Luna Candle Boutique is the latest Lifestyle Box range.    Combining Soy and natural ingredients that are non toxic with stunning scents.    Beautifully packaged to enhance your home Interior.

The Luna range has been designed around the Moon's energy.   In Astrology the Moon is the ruler of our emotions. How we feel, our emotions can be linked back to the 4 phases of the moon.

The Full moon is the time to release and let go of what isn't serving you.  The full moon is a powerful way to get rid of stored negative energy and feelings.    It's also the time to cleanse your crystals by the moon light, recharging the stones energy.

The New Moon is a the perfect timing for setting your intentions, being clear on your dreams and wishes. It's the time to manifest your desires.

The Luna Love Candle is a Limited Edition Soy Candle that will help you relax, meditate or journal as well as help you tap into the moons energy.

A mix of the luxurious Blackcurrant & Tuberose scents make this a beautiful smell that envelopes your surroundings .

A Tom Ford isk style scent with strong tones is the perfect mix for this Manifesting candle that will look stunning in your home.

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