The Big Daze - entrepreneurial itch vs the comfort blanket of a 9-5

How many of you ladies can relate?

I look back on the 11 years of my career as a detective and feel like i was almost in a daze. Not a daze as in not being focussed on my job...i was always focussed and career driven, and gave it my all. But in a daze in that I was stuck on autopilot, and I don't think i even realised it or questioned it for a long time.

How sad is it knowing you're effectively counting down the days of your 30+ year career awaiting retirement, with the occasional two week holiday to keep you sweet?! I look back now and want to shake the old me to wake up. Life is so unbelievably precious. We are here once! Why are we so freely giving our precious time to be managed and owned by others?

YES I get that some of you lucky ones will be so super passionate about your vocation that each day is a joy...and you guys, i truly salute you! And envy you lol! But that wasn't the case for me and i don't think it is for most. I think the daze of 'must get job', 'must pay bills' robs us.....momentarily.

So how did i wake up lol?! baby girl! In a flash i wanted out of my career. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to be present and watch every little special moment....but those damn bills.

There was no luxury of being a 'kept woman' for me. I needed to bring my part of the bills to the table AND always being so career driven and an achiever, i knew i couldn't give up on all of that!

My start to my entrepreneurial journey happened by taking a tiny chance on an opportunity that I SAW with my own eyes yielding amazing results for others. And i remember vividly the day i decided to try my hand at this something new. It meant getting stuck in in the evenings and weekends around my day job so yes, for a while having less time...but i had this unshakeable faith that i could do this! Looking back my intuition was screaming at me 'Christ Marie we are handing it to you on a plate!' but at the time i was also letting my ego have a say...

'What are you thinking Marie?', 'What will people think?', 'Will people think I've gone mad?' Im ashamed to admit i was a little embarrassed however thankfully my little girl was enough of a drive for me to think 'shut up Marie and get to work!'

...and i did! Four years on, I am unrecognisable as a person. I dare to dream MASSIVE, i have time, flexibility and total freedom. I feel like i have been given my life back and whilst that may sound drastic, it's true.

What has been perfect for me, may not be what's right for you! We are all so uniquely different and it's a hard but rewarding journey to find YOUR purpose. Finding what truly makes YOUR soul sing! What you were meant to be...

The purpose of this blog i suppose is to give any of you ladies who are in need of a virtual 'shake', a wake up call and reminder to say NEVER SETTLE! However, to go on that journey you need to be open minded, you need to try new things, say yes more, give things a chance...

Who knows if that business opportunity that i took was my 'purpose' or a stepping stone to another one, as doors are flinging open in front of me....just look at our beautiful Lifestyle Box for example. The old me would never have embarked upon a new venture simply by following our hearts. But i am genuinely forever grateful that I was brave enough to just TRY!

I absolutely adore the rising of entrepreneurial women looking out for each other and showing each other support! Thats 100% what we are about here at The Lifestyle Box. Its not just an incredible box we're building, its a community of amazing ladies. Share with us your offerings, your ideas, your passions...we want to listen, to support...and to scream at you "GO GET IT GORGEOUS!!!"

Lots of Love

Marie xx

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