How Self Development & Self Love Changed My Life!

"LEADERS ARE READERS!"... There you have it, a bit of cheese to head off my second blog!

Never has there been a truer statement however I'm sure 'they' are not referring to my previous holiday reads of Jackie Collins & Martina Cole. Yes i did just admit to being a jackie fan, God rest her soul!

I loved to read yet it's something I only made time for whilst lying on a sun lounger, and in truth i didn't really know what to read. It was only when I started my business from home and I was encouraged to read for development that I set about looking up some of the recommendations.

One of the first books that saw me heading down the semi-spiritual path that I find myself today was 'The Secret by Rhonda Byrne'....WHO KNEW? Like seriously....Who knew that there was an actual law of attraction as well documented and researched as other scientific laws such as gravity?! Not me! But something in me was super interested to learn more.

From there, there have been many books and a couple that I just have to recommend are Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout, and The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein as they are simply awesome reads that really resonated with me and literally changed me overnight.

Yes I totally buy into the school of thought that what you put out there, you attract back! What you think, you manifest! What you hold as your values and beliefs...will be your reality! In short, we are all IN CONTROL of our lives, of our futures, of our destinies!

So why knowing this, would you CHOOSE to be a negative Nancy? Why would you choose to look for the problem in every situation? Why would you choose to b*tch about others?....Makes no sense, right? You're just attracting a whole load of crap and misery right back at your door!

Instead CHOOSE gratitude! Choose positivity and forgiveness and love....and watch how things change for you!

When you delve a little deeper into this fascinating area, you also learn how important it is to master self love! It pains me to hear how scathing some women are in what they say and think about themselves...after all, what kind of message are you sending out to the universe, and in turn attracting back?!

So consider...How far down your priority list do you put yourself? How little time do you take to treat yourself and appreciate what an awesome job you're doing?!

Knowing this, it was an absolute no brainer for us that our first box should be a 'Me Time Box!' We are on a journey of mastering self love and we want to TAKE YOU WITH US! Here at The Lifestyle Box co. we are 100% on a mission to get awesome, hardworking ladies just like you, taking steps to put yourself first every once in a while.

Our Me Time Box will help you do just that! We want it to be your ultimate treat! Enjoy it! Appreciate it! And see it as your first self care gift to yourself for a BRILLIANT JOB WELL DONE!

Love & Super-duper-positive-vibes,

Marie xx

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