The Rise Of Subscription Boxes for Women

I'm guessing you are like me.. Super busy?! I'm a mum of three, I run 2 businesses, juggle after school clubs, I have weekend sports clubs in the mix all whilst running the family home with my hubby.

Super Busy is a perfect description of my life! (Not that I would have it any other way)

So it's no surprise that there has been a rise of subscription boxes for women because the very essence of door to door delivery means lack of time is removed from being an issue.

The world of subscription boxes are fairly new to me. It has only been the last 18 months that they came into awareness. I was chatting to my mummy friend who was enquiring about my latest culinary disasters in the kitchen. (They are a constant source of amusement for many!)

I think she must have been feeling sorry for me because she decided to let me in on a little secret of hers. The hello Fresh subscription box of yummy food was how she was looking like Gordon Ramsey on her social media posts.

Boom! I had subscribed to my first ever monthly subscription box and I was hooked! It was as simple as a friend recommending them that saw me

It was another 12 months later before we had the light bulb idea of launching our own monthly subscription box for women that got myself and Marie excited on one of our business idea brunch dates.

The finer details took us a month or so to map out. It was and still is important that our brand values focus on self care in a fun way. We both had the vision to not only empower our customers to take time out for themselves but we wanted to shine a light on amazing brands run by women that were passionate about the products that they were creating.

There are plenty of monthly boxes for women around to choose from. The biggest players are currently within the beauty niche. Birchbox has seen significant growth in the last 4 years with similar brands such as glossy box and Roccabox taking their fair share of the sales.

The Lifestyle Box Co is unique, we saw very quickly the gap in subscription boxes for women who love packaging, beautiful items that are a quirky as well as a

mix of products from home trinkets, stationery, candles, crystals (we love a little bit of woowoo) personal care, beauty too.

The diversity of the products is important to us because we love surprises! The Lifestyle box is an experience not just a box of products to your door every month.

Our dreams and goals is to become the number 1 Lifestyle Subscription box in the UK then globally.

Our customers show us that this is possible, we will continue to bring an amazing mix of products with a positive message every single month.

There is a rise of subscription boxes for women... The Lifestyle Box Co is the perfect monthly subscription box for women.

If you're a fun, high vibe female who loves variety, values unique products, are super busy and would love to have a beautiful box delivered to your door every month you can Subscribe here.

We would love to hear your favourite Monthly subscription box for women..

Melanie & Marie

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