Amazing Monthly Boxes For Women

I recently collated my 5 favourite monthly boxes for women that will save you time. I'm big on making my precious time count. It's powerful when we take control of the time we do have instead of focusing on what we don't.

So many women shout about not having enough time yet don't take action to change their situation. It can be small changes that have the biggest impact.

Those small changes can be as fun as finding unique subscription boxes to save you time!

I recently shared these 5 amazing boxes on buzzfeed, you can take a look here you won't be disappointed as the women behind these boxes are equally fabulous! If you're serious about saving time it's a must read. (Don't worry I've kept it short and sweet!)

Why The Lifestyle Box Co Is the best monthly box for women

Yes I know I'm biased! However I also believe this to be 110% true! Both Marie and I not only researched Lifestyle Boxes available, we also invested in the handful that are on the market so that we could make sure The Lifestyle Box was and is at the top of its game.

There are amazing beauty boxes available, Roccabox is one of our fav's but there isn't much happening in the lifestyle sector. It was a complete surprise because let's face it there are lots of us who love a wide range of products. Products that fit into all areas of our lifestyles has to be a bonus, right!

There's no other brand that changes the theme and colour's every month to enhance the whole experience. We love to bring you surprises, because the chances are with your busy lifestyle surprises don't happen often enough?

My background is in retail buying which means sourcing products is something I love to do, I've traveled the world working with manufacturers so it could have been an easy step to take this route but we both are passionate about shining a light on Independent brands that have been created with passion.

Why?.. It's the passion, the background story that makes a brand special. The women we work with are incredible. The effort that goes into creating every product you get in our boxes is second to none.

It's not just about products, its about giving you the opportunity to experience products that add value to your lifestyle, that make a difference and put a smile on your face, wondering why you didn't know about this fabulous brand in your hands!

The lifestyle box is amazing and so are many other amazing monthly boxes for women. The only thing to do now is subscribe here for your very own fabulous box, delivered to your door every month.

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