Why A Holiday Is Good For The Soul

Why a holiday is good for the soul!...and how you can bring a little of that holiday feeling into your every day life.

A holiday is good for the soul...never have I heard a truer phrase, well for me anyway! Yet a holiday for me has always been so much more and so much deeper than two weeks all inclusive somewhere sunny with cheap alcohol and food just like home.

Holidays/travel, I’ve come to realise is what lights me up and what always has. Rewind to the teenager choosing to study languages in the absence of any clue on where I wanted to go in my future career, I followed my heart. A girl who’s initials spell MAP and who’s Mum has always told her knowingly how fitting that was. A girl who know matter how lost I’ve felt over the years has always come to learn that it’s nothing a foreign shore, some time out to reflect and to gather my thoughts can’t sort.

Here I am today sat on a beach in Bali. Just me and the sense of being at one, being calm, being happy, and strangely being home washes over me to the point I feel tears blur my eyes. I’m not saying this is the place for everyone, but the Far East fits me. So well in fact it takes me aback.

Something about this part of the world does something to me like I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It’s a spiritual place and I’m a spiritual girl at heart so it feels only natural that my priority here should be getting the spiritual me back!

The law of attraction, being a natural manifester, understanding how I create my reality...I’ve practiced and preached it for years yet somehow these last six months I’d allowed life to suck me right in and I’d let go!

Anxiety, stressing, worry - everything that could possibly be out of alignment, I did! So sitting on this beach and breathing in all of its beauty I told myself that today is the day it changes. Yep that’s it, I’ve had enough! I surrender! Take the reigns universe and re-educate me! I clearly need it.

Cue speed reading the most amazing book that I consumed start to finish - Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell. The ‘coincidence’ of me randomly selecting this book on amazon just days before flying whilst multitasking, is not lost on me.

Wow...just read it!

In brief, what did I learn?....To go boldly in search of what lights you up! Don’t stop til you find it, embrace every gorgeous moment...and certainly never feel guilty about it...in fact do more!

I think all too often we do let our egos get in the way of embracing that which we really love and gives us those brief moments of light - Don’t sit at watch your favourite programme, it’s lazy and there’s productive things you could be doing! Don’t buy fresh flowers for the house, they’re an expensive luxury that you don’t need! Don’t take time daily to take a walk, meditate, relax, whatever.....there’s blah blah and blah that you could be doing instead.

How wrong! What this book actually opened my eyes to is by doing these little things consistently that give you light, you are raising your vibration! Raising your vibration gets you back in alignment! Being in alignment and bingo, you can manifest whatever you want in life! With ease!

Holidays certainly give me light - big huge bucket fulls of it - but it also made me reflect on the little things that I can do at home, and often neglect, to keep that holiday feeling.

Setting up the Lifestyle Box co. (a luxury subscription box for women) was borne out of exactly this same idea...hardworking women need to experience that warm fuzzy feeling of light and if they’re not going to make time in prioritising themselves, then we’re here to do that for you! Our mission is to bring you joy, to make you feel good, to embrace the pamper, to deliver the ‘ooohs and the ahhhhs’...and damn right you deserve it!

It saddens me when women all to quickly fail to reward themselves or decide their treat is at the bottom of the priority list and first for the chop - after all what kind of message is that you’re sending out to the universe? I’d suggest it’s an ‘I’m not really that important...I’ll be the first to go without’ message.

What I challenge you to do now is to make that change! List all the things that light you up, that bring joy, that make you feel at peace...and make time for them!

Let’s get our happy on ladies! Let’s prioritise ourselves safe in the knowledge that we can then best serve our loved ones and create our dream destinies! Let’s kick any form of worry, anxiety and depression in the butt and let’s remind ourselves just how blessed we are in this moment right now!

Love and bucket fulls of light

Marie xx

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Marie xx

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