The September Box You Need In Your Life!

It's that time of the month where we get goose bumps over at The Lifestyle Box HQ!! The products we have spent months selecting, testing and finally choosing to feature in our boxes start to arrive.

Seeing it all come together, knowing that the experience you will get when you open this box is what gives us the goosebumps.

This September Box is no exception to any other month. It's a beauty! It's unique and we love it. The products are a mixture of confectionery, beauty, self care and a sprinkling of woowoo. (It's been a while so we knew we had to feature)

Part of our brand mission is to bring functional, beautiful surprises to hundreds of front doors. We truly love to hear the ooh's and aah's every month when the box lands.

Practising Gratitude

The concept behind this box was the feeling of knowing holidays are over. For most of us it's back to routine, the children are back in school and its all about being back to normality. Autumn is around the corner, the anticipation of a brand new season being upon us and feeling totally grateful.

Gratitude for the months ahead, gratitude for everything around us, gratitude for those 5 minutes of opening your box (hiding your fav product so no little hands can steal!)

The pink raffia tissue & leaflet compliments the products perfectly, it's such a beautiful colour that made me smile when I opened the box. (I wasn't smiling when my 2 year old dived in but that's for another story!) The perfect colours for the September season.

Practising gratitude is now something myself and Marie have factored into our daily routines. There's times we don't feel like it, we're only human and things/people/stuff can get us down but we've learnt to bring in some fun and focus on what we are grateful for. Try it.

1) Make a pact with your BFF that every day you'll message each other with 3 things you're grateful for


2) Write in your diary (Don't forget to get your hands on the 2019 lifestyle planner before they go) a list of the things you're grateful for today

Watch the shift when you are consistent with this. Honestly it works. When we focus on gratitude the other stuff that's draining or negative doesn't feel or look so bad. We can shift our perspective really quickly by just doing these quick and simple things.

In fact let's try it together... Leave a comment below, let us know what you are grateful for.

Unique Gifts for Women

This box is also a perfect unique gift for her. Whether that be your BFF, mum, auntie cousin or that someone special. The gift bundles are an amazing way to deliver a gift that keeps on giving. Choose from a one off box or 3 or 6 month bundle. Who doesn't love a gift to keep on arriving long after that special day. (It's such a lovely feeling)

If you haven't secured your September monthly subscription box yet now is the chance. You can subscribe here and experience the fun, excitement of not just opening your box but trying the unique products you need in your life.

Don't forget to let us know what you're grateful for below. Have an amazing September too

Melanie xx

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