What is it about a new handbag that feels so 'Oooooooh'

I know I'm not alone here ladies! I know I'm not the only one that comes over all irrational, totally lets go of reason and thinks for a second she has Victoria Beckham's bank balance when faced with a display of beautiful handbags....right? Haha!

You know the script! The big, glitzy stores. The ones you should totally stay away from! The one where the Universe has even planted a grumpy looking security guard on the door to prompt your ego into reminding you that you should totally turn around...but we don't, and why is it that they have such an impact on us?

For me, a handbag makes an outfit! I can wear the same old skinny jeans and jumper yet with a pretty handbag in tow and maybe a nice scarf and fave lippy and I feel I can take on the world! I feel dressed. I feel smarter. I feel me.

And yes, for all of the handbag haters out there (*cough men!) they are timeless investment pieces that last a lifetime! Handbags are to be looked after! They are to be decluttered! God forbid you put them on the floor whilst enjoying your pumpkin spiced latte....pull up a seat for goodness sake, that beauty has cost you an arm and a leg...look after her!

So if any of this is resonating with you and you're semi hanging your head in shame acknowledging that you have the handbag addiction like I do, then you will love what Melanie & I have worked hard to bring you!

We really wanted our customers to experience the handbag love but WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Yes treat yourself!

Yes go for a new colour....a beautiful seasonal Burgundy or bright red...a colour that you wouldn't usually treat yourself to because your ego is busy explaining the cost and how you should go 'safe' with the colour and pick one that goes with everything!


INDULGE! Shop here for your

And to allow you to do that, we have collaborated with the incredible Katie Loxton Brand. Beautiful, stylish bags that will complete any AW18 outfit and make you feel amazing. We have negotiated some incredible savings to bring you not only a beautiful handbag in a range of colours and styles, but also a STUNNING Lifestyle Planner for 2019 to pop inside.

What more does a girl need right?

Pop over to www.thelifestyleboxco.com right now and secure yours! Like all amazing deals, they can't last forever! We have 20 of each bag in this amazing offer so be sure to grab yours quickly....then totally do the 'new handbag dance'...you KNOW its a thing! lol.

Lots of Love & sending Handbag Happy Thoughts,

Marie xx

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