Gratitude....What's it all about, and how can it kick start you on your spiritual journey?

Rewind two years and the old me REALLY didn't 'get' gratitudes. In fact I remember like it was yesterday being sat at home listening to online trainings for mindset and motivation in my business and rolling my eyes and switching off when all the 'fluffy, be grateful, same old' came on...

I mean when things are hard and you're flippin' frustrated, how can being grateful that you're sipping a hot cup of tea really help you out of that rut??? Well it can, in a way...and now little old cynic' here must practice it at least a dozen times a day without even realising.

What changed things for me was reading 'Thank and Grow Rich' by Pam Grout. It was genuinely a revelation! A busy weekend turned into a weekend on the sofa as I literally couldn't put the book down and found myself eagerly downloading her other books - E-squared and E-cubed are equally as awesome.

I'd urge you to read! And more importantly keep reading until you find what works for you and speaks to you! Pam did to me, but she might not for you, so there is plenty out there, get on Amazon and go hunt!

For me gratitudes weren't about trying to mask all that was going wrong with a positive spin, as there my focus is on the crap stuff - lets be honest! Im rightly going to feel heavy, anxious, that sinking feeling, jealousy, frustration...get the picture?....

For me, gratitudes are about shelving and blocking those thoughts described above and just taking a moment to think about all the things that make your heart swell. As i'm writing this, I can FEEL both emotions, I can FEEL my body guiding me to where I SHOULD be to stay in alignment. So yes, back to what makes you happy...anything, let your mind wonder!

What do you love with all your heart? What makes you laugh? Where was your happiest memory? What was the best holiday you had? Pluck those thoughts out of the air! Indulge in them! FEEL how they make you feel! Think about the points to be grateful for...there will be loads! A miserable thought pops back into your head....bin it, verbalise that it's not welcome if that helps and back to the happy thoughts! Feel grateful, SAY THANK YOU....and I bet your bottom dollar, you start to feel your mood lift.

Ok this takes practice! It takes being conscious of where your thoughts are heading and pulling them back to the good place when you're off track, but its unbelievably easy to do at any given moment.

Practicing this as a complete novice throughout the weekend reading Thank & Grow Rich was the first time I consciously felt what it felt like to be in alignment with the Universe and the Law of Attraction. For me an instant happy switch!

So here at the Lifestyle Box co we know you wonderful ladies love spirituality too. From those with a gentle intrigue to know more, to hard core inspiring spiritual divas who could definitely teach Mel and I a thing or catering for that variety we thought it was really important to introduce gratitudes into our boxes.

The Little Book of Gratitude, we hope is just that! We hope for those of you starting out on your spiritual journey, that this book will speak to you and help you to get in alignment...and for those already there, then we hope that this fresh little handbag sized book of joy is a new angle to read and make you smile!

We had such amazing feedback from our September R&R Box - so many people saying it was their favourite box to date, that we organised for a new batch to be made available as fantastic gift boxes and gift ideas for women.

So if you missed out the first time, or if you know someone who would appreciate a little lift in their life right now, then help them get on track with a gorgeous gift from the heart at

Go in search of what makes you feel happy! And hold on to it!

Have the best day!


Marie xx

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