The Importance of Self-Care

The Important of Self-Care

Life is a balancing act and whether you run your own business or work the 9-5 you are probably juggling 101 things at any one time. Sometimes it might feel like you’re not prioritising yourself and your own needs and it is absolutely crucial to create space just for you. This is where self care comes into play. Self care is something which should be part of your everyday life in order to create that balance and sense of wellbeing. Thankfully as a society we are becoming much more educated in health and wellness and ways we can manage our own self care whether that’s making sure you do a ten minute meditation first thing in the morning or having a no electronics in the bedroom rule so you can fully switch off at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep.

Subscription boxes are a great self-care support especially if they have a range of beauty and lifestyle products which you can use when you’re having some downtime to help you relax and unwind. You can stagger the contents over the month and create your own ritual like self care Sunday where you try a new product.

Why you need to prioritise your self-care?

You need to manage your stress levels

Stress in business is unavoidable so you have to find a way to manage it. This is much easier if you know what to do when things get on top of you. For example, learning a 5 minute relaxation technique or breathing exercise will give you something to switch on in times of need rather than allowing yourself to spiral into meltdown mode.

You need to support your emotional, physical and mental health

Prioritising your self-care means you are recognising the importance of maintaining your emotional, physical and mental health. Once you have made the connection between that and how it affects the way you show up in your business, you are more likely to take the steps needed each day to look after yourself.

It creates space for creativity to blossom

Feeling creative and inspired are both crucial for our self development and also for our general mental wellbeing. Taking regular breaks and giving your brain a rest, allows you to be more productive, get clarity and support the flow of new ideas. If you've got brain fog, are struggling to complete something or feeling uninspired, switch it up and go for a walk or do something to re-energise yourself.

5 Tips to prioritise self-care

1) Self-care is totally personal to you and you should try to create a practice which feels good and fits into your daily routine. If going to the gym at 6am works for you and sets you up for the day that’s great. If on the other hand an evening yoga class helps you wind down from the day then that's great too. Maybe you hate the gym and you'd rather go for a long walk with the dog. Either way you get the the point. Don't try and push yourself to adopt a practice which doesn't feel right to you as it will only become a chore.

2) Make a list of proposed 3 daily habits which fall into 3 categories, mental, physical and emotional. Focus on things which both naturally light you up but also include other activities which you know if you could just commit to would be really beneficial for your health and well-being. That might be finally trying to crack a 10 minute daily meditation to support your mental well-being or prioritising getting away from your desk regularly throughout the day. Creating daily pockets of "me time" will help keep your daily self care practise manageable and also help boost your overall productivity.Taking time away from work to invest in short bursts of activity will refresh you.

3) Schedule your daily habits into your diary/planner and make them non negotiable. You can try this at the beginning of the week and plan in things like creating some extra time in the morning to eat a proper healthy breakfast, morning stretches or a gym session. Also factor in a bigger“reset activity”if you can once a week which takes up more time like a massage, catching up on a favourite podcast, going to a gallery or getting stuck into that book you have been meaning to start for ages. What else feels good and energises you? Make a list, you'll be surprised about how long the list gets. P.S if watching a whole boxset on Netflix on a Friday night after a long week feels good then why not. It's all about balance.

4) Switch your phone off at 9pm and go to bed at a decent time. The quality of your sleep affects everything as does lying awake reading emails or scrolling through Facebook. Create a calming evening wind down ritual just for you.

5) Have a weekly digital detox. Try this on a Sunday to begin with as that's the easiest day to switch off usually. Just switch your phone off from when you wake up until early evening. If that induces too much fear then instead you can remove any distracting apps that you know you spend too much time on from your phone. Bye Bye Instagram…

Victoria Watson

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